Which Young Living Membership is Right for You?

Paula Behrens- YL Member #11300870

I’ve been using essential oils for a while now and I love them. But when I was first looking into the world of Essential Oils, I had lots of questions.  If you are interested in oils, I hope that this article will help with the “which membership is right for you” part!

Like most people, one of my first questions was: “How much will it cost?” Well, the answer is that it depends on what you want from your membership.  The great thing is that you are never under obligation to buy anything. However, there are perks when you do and if you want the benefits, you must meet purchase requirements (not membership fees)! Regardless of the method you use, the best way to purchase your oils is to sign up. You can’t get member only discounts and freebies any other way!


There are two main membership types:

Customer & Member (though this one can really be broken into two).

Customer (buy at retail pricing – no requirements, no fees)

Member (buy at wholesale pricing – no fees, but there is a $50/year purchase requirement)

Member as Business (buy at wholesale pricing – no fees, but there is a purchase requirement – read more bellow)

Below, I will break down the basics and how-to of each type.


This type of membership is completely free to join.

No membership fees.

  • No yearly dues.
  • No obligation.
  • No selling.

What Young Living membership option is right for you? — Check out the new Young Living Premium Starter Kits! This type of membership allows you to easily order the oils and products that you need at retail pricing, plus tax & shipping–sort of like purchasing from your own private store.

This membership does not get you wholesale pricing.

You can sign up here.

Member ( Save 24% with Wholesale Pricing)

This type of membership is signed up as “Member” and requires the purchase of a starter kit, which you can choose for yourself. They are great kits that range in price from $160 to $260. You only have to purchase a start up kit once, at sign up – and they are useful. Personally, I think that the Premium Starter Kit ($160) is a great value and idea. This kit comes with a diffuser (I love mine!) and includes eleven different bottles of oil to get you started, a roll-on attachment, 10 samples packets (to use or share!), 10 sample bottles (these are so handy), and materials to help you become familiar with oils and how to use them. Once you order your kit you can begin ordering the products you want at wholesale, right away.

  • Save 24% off of retail pricing.
  • No membership fees.
  • No yearly dues.
  • No obligation.
  • No selling required.

If you wish to keep wholesale pricing, the only requirement is that you purchase about $50 worth of products per year (50 PV) – which is crazy easy to do. If you do not purchase 50 PV (their point system) worth of products in a year, you can still buy oils, it will just be at retail pricing until you meet their requirement.

You can sign up here.  You can find step-by-step help for the Young Living sign up process by watching our Enrollment Video on this page.

If you’re interested in deeper savings, you can also sign up with Essential Rewards to save up to 49% off of retail. You must be signed up as a distributor to be able to enroll.

Member as Business ( Save 24% with Wholesale Pricing )

This type of membership is with the intent of making an income! It is similar to the information above, with a few changes. If you love essential oils, chances are that you already share what you know with friends and family. By being a Member as Business, you can earn a commission when those people (and more!) buy oils from you, or sign up under you. Just like being a Member, you are required to purchase a starter kit, which range in price from $160 to $260 (depending on diffuser choice). You only have to purchase a start up kit once (same as above). If you wish to earn a commission check, you must also be enrolled in the “Essential Rewards” program. To be eligible for payment, your monthly Essential Rewards order should be at or over $100/month (100 PV)—which is surprisingly easy to do. (They also have monthly specials that can earn you free exclusives.) (Note: There are now some commissions that you are eligible for at the $50 level, but the $100 level opens you up to several bonuses, making it a much faster way to begin covering the cost of your ER orders.) In addition to making a commission and being eligible for payment, you also earn Essential Rewards points that can be redeemed for free products. These points are great for buying gifts, having stock on hand, or treating yourself to something special.

You can sign up here, or learn more about Essential Rewards here.

Want to know more about oils before jumping in?  Here is an audio of an Essential Oils 101 class for your listening pleasure…  Questions?  Shoot me an email, give me a call, or connect with us on social media.  Happy Oiling!