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Take a look at Young Living’s 2016 Income Disclosure Statement


Gameplan Bootcamp


When you decide that you want to share the oils with others but don’t really know how to do that, Sarah’s BOOT CAMP is a great way to get started. She has all kinds of amazing ideas that you will appreciate.

All the Gameplan Bootcamp Videos in one place! Click on each day to find the post with synopsis, quotes, homework, and additional resources mentioned in the video.

  • Day One: Why Launch A Young Living Business?
  • Day Two: Sarah’s Story
  • Day Three: A Young Living Quick-Start Training Guide
  • Day Four: Avoiding Pitfalls: The Six Mistakes Every Stagnant Business Builder Makes
  • Day Five: Overcoming Excuses and Finding Your Niche
  • Day Six: Your Greatest Tool: A Detailed Tour of the Young living Virtual Office
  • Day Seven: Young Living Marketing 101: How to Share the Oils
  • Day Eight: the Oil Ability Marketing System: How to Fill Classes Without Knowing People
  • Day Nine: Anatomy of a Successful Class
  • Day Ten: The Oil Ability Follow Up System
  • Day Eleven: Dealing With Difficult People
  • Day Twelve: No One Is Coming to Classes–Now What?
  • Day Thirteen: Keys to Confidence
  • Day Fourteen: Your Business Toolkit: Oily Tools, Taxbot, and More
  • Day Fifteen: Growing Your Business Through Blogging
  • Day Sixteen: Staying Legal: Comprehensive FDA Training
  • Day Seventeen: The Young Living Compensation Plan in Layman’s Terms
  • Day Eighteen: A Young Living Strategy Guide to Where to Sign New Oilers
  • Day Nineteen: The Key to Reaching and Maintaining Rank
  • Day Twenty: Balance, Boundaries, and Treating your Business as a Business
  • Day Twenty-One: Attracting and Motivating Leaders
  • Day Twenty-Two: How to Pray Over Your Young Living Business
  • Day Twenty-Three: Avoiding Distractions
  • Day Twenty-Four: Encouragement for the Climb
  • Day Twenty-Five: Cheat Sheet to Go from Starter Kit to Silver

The Oils of Gameplan Bootcamp

Gameplan Roundtable Discussions

Want to interact with Sarah live? Join her Gameplan Roundtable Discussions at 8:30PM EST on Tuesday nights on the Oil Ability with Sarah Harnisch page.  (How are Roundtables different than the bootcamp videos? Sarah answers YOUR questions LIVE, and goes deeper into the principles of Gameplan!)

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