6 Ways Young Living Can Work for You

Right about now you may be thinking, “This all sounds great but can I afford this?” Excellent question! So, I’m going to show you how you can actually save money using Young Living products. Here are 6 ways you can make Young Living (and better health) work with your budget.


The first one is to sign up for a Wholesale Membership! Really, this is standard. Your instinct may be to start with a retail account but believe me when I tell you this would be a huge mistake. Wholesale members get 24% off all Young Living products. There’s no commitments, no monthly requirements and you can cancel your membership any time (but why would you want to do that?). Simply buy a Starter Kit (or customize your own) and you’re a member. Done. Why would you want to pay more when you don’t have to?




The second way to make Young Living work with your budget is with a concept called “transfer buying”. You buy products for your household all the time. You need shampoo, toothpaste, vitamins, skin care products and household cleaners. You are already buying these things – just probably the chemical-laden ones from your local drugstore or big box store. Simply transfer those purchases to an order from Young Living for these same household items without the toxic chemicals.



The third way to make Young Living work with your budget is to get on Essential Rewards (also known as ER) straight out of the gate! Essential Rewards is Young Living’s loyalty program. Place a monthly Essential Rewards order and you start to accumulate points you can use to order free products. In your first three months you get 10% back in free points. In months 4-24 you get 20% back on your orders in free points and 25+ months on you get 25% back. That’s insane! Most credit card rewards programs give you 1 or 2% back. Young Living is super generous to their loyal customers, wouldn’t you agree?

You can customize your ER “monthly box” to get exactly what you want each month. The minimum order is only 50PV. That’s about $50. Every product at Young Living has a PV or Point Value. 1 PV is usually equal to $1. With Essential Rewards you also get cheaper shipping options, you can take advantage of Young Living’s free monthly promotions and you can cancel Essential Rewards at any time.

But the most important reason I feel to get on Essential Rewards is you’re making a commitment to your family’s health. By signing up for a monthly order you’re committing to yourself that you’re going to stop buying chemical-laden products from the store and you are going to start buying chemical-free products from Young Living. Essential Rewards is really about you being loyal to you.


The fourth way Young Living is cost-effective is they offer free monthly promotions with your order. Every month on the 1st Young Living announces the new free promotions for that month. The order thresholds are usually 190PV, 250PV and 300PV. That means if you place an order with these minimums you will receive free products with your order. Members on Essential Rewards usually get more free products with their ER order than people placing regular orders.



The fifth way people save money with Young Living is by making their own DIY products! Using a few drops of essential oils to create your own household products can cost as little as a nickel or a dime per drop. I have a friend that makes her own laundry detergent with essential oils and swears she saves hundreds of dollars a year!



The sixth way to save money with Young Living and even make money is to share Young Living with others and earn a thank you check from the company.

When I first started out with Young Living I wanted to get a Starter Kit for my mom. The lady who signed me up told me how to sign up my mom under my own membership number. The following month I received a $50 check from Young Living! That got me thinking. Could I really make an income with Young Living? That was four years ago and today my husband and I both do Young Living full-time and LOVE our new careers! Our lives have been blessed with wellness, purpose and abundance! (Jessica Petty)

You can see Young Living’s Income Disclosure Statement at youngliving.com/ids.