The Home Cleaning & Personal Care Secret


The next category of Young Living products I would like to talk about is natural home cleaning. This is crucial! Did you know that if you put a raw onion on the bottom of your foot you’ll be able to taste it in your mouth within ten minutes? That’s how our body systems work. Remember what I said about what you apply to your skin and how it will be in every organ in your body in 26 seconds? Does your family walk around barefoot in your home? The pores on the bottoms of the feet, remember, are the most absorbent of your whole body. What are you cleaning your floors with right now?

For effective and sanitary cleaning you do not need to douse your home in toxic chemicals! A clean (and wonderfully-smelling!) home can be achieved with Young Living’s Thieves Line.

Let me tell you about Thieves Cleaner! We’re talking it cleans floors, bathrooms, kitchens, windows, mirrors, walls and even some stains on clothes like magic! It’s amazing, smells incredible and is completely non-toxic! It’s also concentrated so one bottle can make up 40-50 spray bottles of cleaner. Just use one capful and fill the rest with water. This makes it extremely cost effective! One bottle of so called “natural cleaner” from the store can run $4-6. With Thieves Cleaner you’re paying about 50-60 cents per bottle! Once you try it you’ll never want to go back to what you were using before! Changing what your home is cleaned with is crucial to detoxing your home and helping it to become chemical free.

Other Thieves products for cleaning include:

Thieves Laundry Soap
Thieves Dishwashing Soap
Thieves Dishwashing Detergent
Thieves Spray
Thieves Fruit and Veggie Spray
Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier
Thieves Wipes
Thieves Hand Soap

Thieves also offers a line of oral care products. These include:

Thieves Aromabrite Toothpaste
Thieves Dentarome Ultra Toothpaste
Thieves Fresh Essence Mouthwash
Thieves Dental Floss

If you chronically get canker sores it may be connected to the sodium laurel sulfate in your current toothpaste. Try Thieves toothpaste and see if it makes a difference.



Here’s another very important category – personal care products and skin care products. What we are applying to our skin matters! Our skin absorbs these products and they go straight to our bloodstream and our organs. They matter! They are affecting our health more than we know! Young Living saw the need for personal care products and skin care products without toxic chemicals and created products for nearly every need.

Young Living Personal Care products include:

Bar Soaps
Body Lotions
Shutran Shave Cream & Beard Oil for men
Mirah Shave Oil for women
Bath & Shower Gels
Shampoos & Conditioners
Massage Oils
AromaGuard Deodorant (for men and women)
Cool Azul Pain Cream
NEW relaxing Bath Bombs
NEW Shutran 3-in-1 Men’s Wash
NEW Coconut Lime Body Butter
NEW Lavaderm After Sun Skin Spray
NEW Mineral Sunscreen Lotion
NEW Insect Repellent
Lip Balms