The secret is out…

Here is a Secret I want to share with you on how my life has been set on a new path to health and wellness. You see, I found a company that has plant-based products, without any of the contaminants found in the products I was innocently using every day. The company is Young Living, and their products are not sold on store shelves. Truth be told, you’re not really going to find totally toxic-free products in stores. Young Living is a company based in Utah where you can order online. Established in 1994, Young Living has been the world leader in 100% pure essential oils-based products. Young Living refuses to compromise, ever. They will put a product out of stock before lowering their standards of ingredients. You will be amazed at the expanse of their product line!

While Young Living was founded as an essential oils company, it has transformed into a complete natural household products company. In essence, Young Living is now a total natural lifestyle company. Young Living has therapeutic-grade essential oils, supplements, food products, a skin care line, personal care products, household cleaning products, a kid’s line, a baby line, a pet care line, oral care products and most recently – cosmetics! Young Living has all the completely natural products you need – and can trust – to have in your home. With over 600 products, it has become a way of life for millions of its customers.


The first category of products I want to tell you about is essential oils. Essential oils are the lifeblood of plants – the oxygen carrying substance. They support cellular health, contain hormone-like compounds and initiate regeneration in cells among thousands of other things. What our blood does for us is similar to what an essential oil does for the plant. Therefore, that makes them essential.


Young Living has hundreds of essential oils and they have put together a Premium Starter Kit of 11 oils plus a diffuser. This is perfect for a beginner that is looking to incorporate essential oils into their lifestyle. The diffuser cleans and deodorizes the air, calms the moods of people in the room and leaves the space with a refreshing scent.